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Timeless Notes for Business Owners

Hi Guys, I am super excited I just started to archive my highlighted words from my favourite books!and I am currently reading a super valuable book for any business owner or who involved in creative industry in any field. I almost run out of stickers before I came to half of that amazing book and I make a list of my marked parts from the book. I am sure you will be very appreciated that I share those with you. Click here to buy this book on EbayEnjoy the notes belowWith LovesSezay Karagyoz

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Idea Machine Released!

This is a task that I created for my self. If you have a business idea but not sure where to start, just (save as the image and print) start filling this task below. Try to finish it in max 20 minute, otherwise you will be lost in details. Just make sure that you give the only first answers that comes in your mind and let your subconscious work for you.Once when you finish this task your brand will be ready to get quotes from agencies to be designed.  I believe if you start with good questions, you will ended up with great ideas.Please let me know how you did or ask me anything you could not be clear.For more information about branding or need a professional branding...

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